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Before you make a decision on the home you wish to buy, a mortgage pre-qualification will save valuable time in buying a home in the Indianapolis area.

Your realtor working with a mortgage consultant can determine the price range for a house you can comfortably afford. The mortgage company will consider you income and financial situation.

Once you know what you can comfortably afford your realtor can search the Multiple Listing Service data base for the homes with the parameters (location, number of rooms, garage, basement, schools, etc.) you choose.

The pre-qualification is generally free and can be an advantage in negotiating a purchase price with the seller.

Buying a home today involves more that searching the Web or reading about a house in the Real Estate ads in the Indianapolis newspaper or going to an open house. The transactions are complex, involving contracts, inspections, reports, disclosures and addenda.

The legal terminology can be intimidating, filled with conditions and contingencies.  A realtors job is to help you understand the steps and forms involved in a home purchase.  for example, the seller's disclosure statement regarding the properties condition can indicate potential problems that should be investigated during the home inspection.

Your realtor can advise you of the implications of some of these problems and possibly contract issues.

And remember - the buyer does not pay realtor fees.

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